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 Our vision

DLD is a leading organization on livestock development which is driving livestock products of Thailand to ASEAN and the global market

 About the Thailand's Department of Livestock Development

The Department of Livestock Development (DLD), Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, is a National Veterinary Authority of Thailand.  The DLD is responsible for animal health, animal production and livestock extension, food safety of animal-derived products, veterinary public health, animal welfare, environmental impact of livestock farms and international animal health matters including disease control and eradication, quarantine, disease reporting, import-export controls, health certification, and monitoring of animal farms and slaughterhouses.

The DLD includes officers from central, regional, provincial, and district levels who provide services on animal health controls and veterinary public health controls and undertake disease surveillance programmes in the country.  Apart from DLD officers, Subdistrict Livestock Assistants and livestock volunteers (or community animal health workers) also provide support in relevant to basic animal health activities in cooperation with local administrative authorities in sub-district and village level.

 The responsibilities of the DLD are:

-      To prevent, control, and eradicate animal diseases,
-      To improve animal health and productivity,
-      To increase livestock population in the country,
-      To improve and regulate animal products in terms of variety, quantity, and quality to meet the national and international standards,
-      To monitor and ensure the safety and quality of products of animal origins for domestic consumption as well as exports,
-      To encourage scientific study, research, and experiment in relation to animal production and health, and
-      To disseminate information, knowledge and technology on animal production and health to farmers and other stakeholders.

 Livestock administrative regions and livestock-ecological zones

For the administration purpose and geographical condition, Thailand is divided into 9 livestock administrative regions - Region 1 and 7 in the Central; Region 2 in the East; Region 3 and 4 in the Northeast; Region 5 and 6 in the North, and Region 8 and 9 in the South.  These 9 regions are further divided into 77 provinces (77 Provincial Livestock Offices).  Each provincial livestock office is then subdivided into district livestock offices.  There are 946 Districts (District Livestock Offices located in 888 districts).

DLD Organization chart
Dld Organization Chart

Map of Thailand is divided into 9 livestock administrative regions.
map region