Our Vision 

  • To be a leading organization on livestock development of Thailand that is driving Thai animal products to be a Stability , Prosperity and Sustainability


Our Mission

  •  To develop of human resources in the livestock sector. (Including staffs,  farmers, Livestock volunteers and entrepreneurs)  have knowledge ,Expertise and the potential with a strong for context changed
  •  To develop of Livestock production  all Value Chain to be efficiency and Environmental Friendly Products and have standardization to Global  
  •  To develop Information Technology  ,Digital  system ,software ,hardware , database and national single window include User and Developer relating and Professional for response work for livestock
  •  To develop knowledge Technology Innovation and Research for useful livestock all dimension including academics ,Database ,Production and Marketing
  •  To improve organize management and Personnel Management together with organizational change  to Model System and to  become a leading livestock organization livestock
  • To Cooperate useful to  build on knowledge of human resource in livestocks and seeking certification and be accepted in new markets.integration of both domestic and international and  livestock volunteers




I  :  Innovation

I  :  Integration

S :  Standard

M :  Mastery

A  :  Agility

R  : Responsibility

T  : Teamwork