National Institute of Animal Health (NIAH)

      NIAH is the core laboratory for animal health in Thailand at international level. The main responsibilities are implementing research, develop and standardize diagnostic techniques for livestock diseases and develop effective disease control programs to diminish the incidence and impact of serious disease in livestock, as well as distributing knowledge and technology to other laboratories and organizations in order to maintain animal health and increase production.   The institute is accredited by several international standards such as ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 17025:2005. 

Mission of NIAH
  1. To conduct studies and research on the economically important diseases regarding animal health issues
  2. To provide animal diseases diagnostic services, including reagent production for detection and prevention of diseases.
  3. To develop laboratory quality assurance systems for diagnostic services and have a reference laboratory for animal disease diagnosis.
  4. To study, conserve and utilize biodiversity of microbes and parasites in animals.
  5. To develop epidemiological methods and laboratory network in national and international level.
  6. To provide consultancy, technology transfer and advice for animal diseases, zoonotic diseases and exotic diseases.
Laboratory networks

Eight Veterinary Research and Development Centers (VRDCs) are located in each regional area of Thailand and 1 Veterinary Biologics Assay Center (VBAC) is located in lower-northeastern region as shown in figure:

Veterinary Research and Development Centers (VRDCs)
  • Upper-Northern VRDC
  • Lower-Northern VRDC
  • Upper-Northeastern VRDC
  • Lower-Northeastern VRDC
  • Eastern VRDC
  • Western VRDC
  • Upper-Southern VRDC
  • Lower-Southern VRDC
Veterinary Biologics Assay Center (VBAC)
  • Assay for lot release of local vaccine production
  • Assay for registration of imported vaccines
  • Validation of biologics assay techniques
  • Research for safety and efficacy of various veterinary vaccines
  • Research for DNA & RNA sequences of viral and bacterial strains
  • Research for antigen and immunoglobulin preparation
  • Research for test kit preparation
  • Research for Avian influenza vaccine