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        DLD has conducted National Brucellosis and Tuberculosis Eradication campaign to eliminate both brucellosis and tuberculosis from the cattle population. The target populations which are dairy cattle, beef cattle for breeding, and buffalo for breeding must be tested annually to monitor the disease situation and culled positive animals with compensation.

        The method of prophylaxis of bovine brucellosis and tuberculosis consisted of systematic testing of cattle and an identification to identify each individual animal. Blood sample from cattle and buffalo aged older than one year were collected in order to test brucellosis by using Rapid Plate Agglutination Test whereas tuberculosis are tested by using single intradermal test. Once the result is negative, cattle farm will be recognized as a Brucellosis and Tuberculosis free farm which facilitate farmer in animal movement.

        Apart from test and slaughter program, there is a national survey on brucellosis and tuberculosis in order to determine the existing levels of prevalence for bovine tuberculosis and brucellosis in the cattle population. The results reflect the effectiveness of the control measures and may lead to additional strategy to eradicate the disease from the country.





Serology for Brucellosis

Serological tests utilized by DLD are slide rapid plate (Rose Bengal) and tube agglutination. The antigen are produced from Brucella abortus strain 1119-3 in order to detect Brucella abortus in cattle, buffalos, and pigs.