Bureau of Disease Control and Veterinary Services (BDCVS)

           The Bureau of Disease Control and Veterinary Services is responsible for planning, coordination and monitoring of control, prevention, and eradication programs and activities of important animal and zoonotic diseases including disease reporting system, animal disease surveillance and monitoring programs, epidemiological studies, provision of animal health service. In addition, training courses the field epidemiology training program for veterinarians (FETPV) were organized for DLD staff at regional, provincial and district level.

           The Bureau also disseminates information on animal health, animal diseases, and surveillance activities to veterinarians, farmers, consumers, private sectors, government agencies, and decision makers. In addition, BDCVS collaborates with other national agencies, especially Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health and empowers local administrative authority known as “Sub district Administration Organization” in prevention, control, and eradication of animal and zoonotic diseases.

National notifiable animal diseases

           In Thailand, a national list of notifiable animal diseases was agreed by DLD based on the OIE listed diseases and the Animal Epidemics Act 2015. The national list of notifiable animal diseases has been regularly reviewed, according to the OIE listed diseases and national concerns. After its revision, the list will be announced in the Ministry proclamation as required by law. The diseases are included for surveillance purposes, so that unusual incidence of animal morbidity or mortality of animal diseases and diseases of public health significance can be detect quickly. This requirement to report notifiable diseases is enforced by law. Based on the Animal Epidemics Act, if an animal is sick or dies from an epidemic disease where it is known, or if an animal becomes sick or died suddenly from unknown cause, the owner shall notify to the local official, inspector, or veterinarian within twenty-four hours. After that, veterinarians have to investigate on the premise immediately.


Group / Definition 

Notifiable terrestrial   animal diseases 

Contagious diseases that cause huge damage and take them as the emergency cases when the diseases occur
  •  Foot and mouth disease
  • Haemorrhagic septicemia
  • Anthrax
  • Blackleg
  • Classical swine fever
  • Newcastle disease
  • Avian influenza 
 Immediate notification and response (with laboratory confirmation) 
Exotic diseases
  •  Nipah viral encephalitis
  • Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)
  • Rinderpest 
 Immediate notification and response (with laboratory confirmation)
Zoonotic diseases
  •  Rabies
  • Leptospirosis 
 Coordinate with Ministry of Public Health for futher investigation and response (with laboratory confirmation) 

GROUP 4                                                                                                        Reportable diseases based on laboratory surveillance


  • Brucellosis
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • Aujeszky’s disease
  • Trichinosis
  • Vesicular stomatitis
  • Melioidosis
  • Salmonellosis 


  • Contagious bovine pleuro pneumonia (CBPP)
  • Paratuberculosis
  • Tuberculosis 


  • Caprine arthritis encephalitis


  • Surra
  • Epizootic lymphangitis
  • Equine infectious anemia
  • Glanders
  • Dourine
  • Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis
  • African horse sickness
  • Equine piroplasmosis
  • Horse pox
  • Equine rhinopneumonitis
  • Contagious equine metritis
  • Horse mange
  • Equine encephalomyelitis
  • Infectious arteritis of horse
  • Equine influenza (Type A virus)


  • Atrophic rhinitis
  • Swine influenza
  • Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS)


  • Duck plague (Duck virus enteritis)
  • Fowl cholera
  • Pullorum
  • Infectious laryngotracheitis


  • American foulbrood disease
  • European foulbrood disease
  • Nosema disease
  • Chalkbrood disease
  • Sacbrood disease
  • Black disease
  • Varroa disease
  • Tropilaelaps disease
  • Acarine disease
  • Braula disease