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yi liang duck

Product of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit project

Products from the Model Farm are consumed locally and the surplus is sold. The People’s Republic of China presented Yi Liang ducklings and Jin Hua pigs to Her Majesty for breeding and raising at the farm. To date, villagers at the Model Farm and Support Center have raised Yi Liang ducks for sale in Chiang Mai and neighboring provinces, as well as in Bangkok. Product of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit project produced by Department of livestock development (Division of livestock products) for example, Smoked Yi Liang duck, Grilled Yi Liang duck or Yi Liang roasted duck, Smoked Jin Hua Ham, Jin Hua Pork Jerky. Ingredients from projects initiated by Her Majesty Queen Sirikit at Ban Mae Tung Ting Farm and Chiang Dao District, Chiang Mai Province, Sawaengha District, Ang Thong Province.


Backgroud Information

                   The project was inspired by His Majesty’s visit to royal sponsored projects in Prachinburi Province, where he saw the hardship of poor farmers had to rent buffaloes and cattle at such exorbitant rates that sometimes they were left with little or no money after the rent had been deducted from the sales of their produce.

                   His Majesty thus thought of setting up a cattle and buffalo bank run by the department of livestock development to give poor farmers an access to cattle or buffaloes either by renting, hire-purchase or other means from the Government agencies, organizations or private entities etc.

                   To start the royal initiative of the cattle and buffalo bank for farmers, the department of livestock development, gave 280 buffaloes to help poor farmers in the royal development project sites in the plains and foothills of Prachinburi Province in Sakaeo and Watthana Nakhon districts for the first time in 1979 by installment purchase and repayment within three years.Since then the royal bank of cattle and buffaloes for farmer project has been developed and expandad its operations across the country up until now.