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No.   Legislation
 1 Control of Animal Slaughter for the Distribute of Meat ActB.E.2559 (2016)
Animal Epidemics ActB.E.2558 (2015)
Animal Feed Control ActB.E.2558 (2015)
Cruelty Prevention and Welfare of Animal ActB.E.2557 (2014) 
Veterinary Professional ActB.E.2545 (2002)
Rabies ActB.E.2535 (1992)
Veterinary Sanatoriums ActB.E.2533 (1990)
Veterinary Facilities ActB.E.2533 (1990)
Animal Breeding Development ActB.E.2509 (1966)
10 Animal Epidemics Act B.E.2499 (1956)