As requirements and regulations for pet importation vary in different countries, thus, it is necessary to contact the authorized body of importing country to make sure you are aware of the import regulations. However, this is the basic pet export process which you may follow.


 1. Contact the authorized body of the country of destination and also the animal quarantine station of Thailand in order to check the requirements.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Animal quarantine
Tel: +66 2134 0731


2. Bring your pets and other required documents to the animal quarantine station at a certain port of exit to have document and pet health checked by an official veterinarian. This should be done 2-3 days prior to departure.

3. Pay the fee.

4. The animal quarantine station will issue documents requested by the country of destination, which an export license (Form R.9) and an official health certificate are commonly given.



3 Pet export procedure




1. The official health certificate is valid for 10 days

2. The export license (Form R.9) is valid for 9 days

3. A pet moving from Thailand should not be less than 4 months of age.

(Depends on the requirements of importing country)

4. Rabies titer test certification is required by European Union, United States of America

(Hawaii), Japan, and so on.

5. Pets must be microchipped before or on the same day as the rabies vaccination.

6. The microchip for insertion should meet ISO 11784 & 11785 standard. The insertion is a surgical procedure

and should only be performed by an experienced and professional veterinarian.

7. See contact list of Thailand’s animal quarantine station, please click.